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  The SQA now recognises all RAD and ISTD examinations and awards appropriate credits to pupils gaining dance certificates. This is wonderful news for all our pupils as their dedication and success in dance exams now contributes to UCAS points facilitating entry to further education.

RAD Examinations

The RAD offers a wide variety of Examinations and Class Awards which is designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages.

Pupils may start with the Pre-School Dance Curriculum move through Primary and on to Grades 1-8. Students may study the Vocational grade syllabus of the RAD where “Pointe Work” is introduced.

In the term prior to the exam, we provide additional lessons to ensure all pupils perform to the best of their ability.

Those pupils who prefer not to sit exams and prefer to dance for pleasure are given every encouragement in their class work and are able to progress from one class to the next with the exam entrants. Pupils may decide to miss entering one grade and join the next examination group when they have attained the standard required.

ISTD Examinations

The Tap and Modern Theatre Examination structure of the ISTD is designed to cater equally for those wishing to make a career in dance or for those looking for fun and enjoyment.

The work progresses through each level, building on the lessons previously learned as well as adding new skills. Musicality and artistry are valued as highly as dance technique and all syllabi are regularly reviewed to keep them up to date.
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  Dansarena offers a wide range of dance classes for children and adults of all abilities.  
The Dansarena Studios training programme is a dynamic combination of up to the minute performance
techniques and traditional values.
  01292 287967
7 - 9 Fort Street, Ayr KA7 1HU
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